Come and register for the next ICF Global Conference in Europe

Do you need any more good reasons for going to Malmö 18-20 September?
Well here you go! We are confident this lovely little video made of the ICF, RAC board members, is exactly what you need to make your final courageous decisions.

Come and enjoy 3 days of great learning and gain up to 40 CCE units in Malmö, Sweden, 18-20 September.

Our fabulous sessions and speakers...

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B.R.A.V.E. - A Roadmap for Coaching Courageous Leadership (with Hazel Chapman and Cathy Howell)
Find out about B.R.A.V.E. practices demonstrated by courageous leaders and the roadmap for coaching courageous leadership, take away techniques to support this framework.
Dancing in the moment (with Agne Zinkevičiūtė)
This workshop provides awareness and tools for coaches about how to work with clients, who are stuck due to dis balance between their cognitive and emotional awareness. Dance therapy relaxes your body, sets your soul free and wakens up your heart! Come join me!
A Road Map to Courageous Change (with Anne Rød)
This is an interactive session introducing a new approach to change. The process shows how to engage with human relationship systems at all levels to create sustainable changes. This approach to change goes right to the core of conference theme.
From Contempt to Curiosity - Creating the Conditions for Groups to Collaborate (with Caitlin Walker)
Find out how to create conditions for teams to have the courage to collaborate and to create group level change, you will also experience a systemic modelling exercise.
The Future is Female - leading form the Future as it emerges (with Christopher Weber-Fürst)
In my session you will hear and experience a total new understanding of the emerging paradigm shift and how this will impact every one of us. How we live and work and what will be the consequences. Each participant will acquire tools to work with them selves in their personal development process and relationships, as coaches and as a human being.
Are You an Edgewalker? - A Leading Paradigm for Coaches and Leaders (with Dorothy Siminovitch and Jayne Warrilow)
Learn Edgewalker competencies and respond to shifting global conditions with vision and agility - you will also receive a plan to move your coaching practice onto the global stage.
Being Yourself: a Sustainable Start to Greatness (with Helene Daim)
Learn to connect to your self-trust and leave the session with a self-help tool that will remind you to connect with your heart and stay courageous.
Invisible Essentials for every Coaching Journey (with Kathryn Pope)
Learn how a greater understanding of projection can help you reach new heights in your coaching and supervision, and navigate and challenge the complexity of the coaching space.
Discover the ART of mindfulness... STOP for a minute (with Kish Modasia)
Come along to this workshop and discover easy ways to bring calm and clarity to your daily life, explore the ART of transformation and the impact that can have on your clients.
The four tones of voice (with Magdalena Giec)
Learn four tones of voice and their powerful impact on your clients, these will take you to a new level of self-awareness and provide a set of concrete tools to hone up your voice mastery when coaching
Outsmart your brain (with Marcia Reynolds)
Learn how to listen to your client from deeper levels of your neural network to disrupt ingrained thinking patterns and courageously create amazing breakthrough experiences.
Profit from the Positive: Four Tools for the Coach’s Toolkit (with Margaret H Greenberg)
Learn four tools to build your clients’ resilience and help them flourish during change, all are backed by research and have been tested at global companies.
Stand up and DO something! (with Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe)
Try for yourself how to stand up and conduct physical process experiments that help your clients go deeper, generate novel awareness, and result in lasting positive change.
Coaching and the Creative Mind (with Michael Eldridge)
Take a deep dive into the realms of creativity in this interactive session, learn to put your rational mind one side and meet your true creative self.
Coaching with the Emotional Brain (with Sylvia Kurpanek)
Learn why addressing clients’ issues with logic and talk may not achieve desired results, find out our brains role in this and how to help clients achieve lasting results.
Dare to Bond: It Boosts Change! (with Sylviane Cannio and Julia Choukhno)
Through this highly interactive workshop you will explore how to work with trust and intimacy to boost the change process through exercises, practice, and demonstrations.
Creating Trust and Being Present in Full Partnership with our Clients – with live coaching demonstration (with Virginia Williams and Tine Gaihede)
This experiential workshop demonstrates the importance of entering into a full partnership with your clients, you will be taken through a three-step process to expand your vision your capabilities as a trained professional.
Coaching Supervision, methods for gaining courage to be a professional coach (with Britt Weide and Ann Kellheim)
Coaching Supervision is about courage. First of all courage to embrace your vulnerability and shortcomings as a professional coach and person "Who you are is how you coach", Fiona Adamson. If you as a coach is courageous with this process and willing to challenge and develop yourself, create change and transform - you will be able to create this with your clients.
Get Personal: Personal Growth is the Only Path to Sustainable Change (with Lori Shook)
The Get Personal interactive workshop actively demonstrates learning through experience. You will understand why personal growth is a necessary approach – especially when coaching logical, linear-thinking clients, corporate clients and executives. This approach isn’t about having a particular agenda, but better serving the client’s agenda in a more sustainable way.
Be the Change you wish to Coach in the World: How to Stick up for Courageous Change (with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes)
This experiential workshop challenges coaches to step out of the ‘gently, gently, let’s leave the client to decide’ shadow and into the bright lights of a powerful message that will direct their coaching practice.
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If we had waited for the perfect moment...

If we had waited for the perfect moment, the perfect conditions and Hollywood facilities, we would never have done it. But we dared, and this is the result...